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This website is about the Nigerian Pidgin Language Bible Translation Project and Nigerian Pidgin Language Bible.

Somebody asked me…

“Why the Bible in Nigerian Pidgin Language?”

These are some facts I told him in response:

  • Nigerian Pidgin Language (NPL) is the most popular language in Nigeria.
  • It is estimated that currently, out of Nigeria’s population of about 180 million, over 75 million can speak and understand Nigerian Pidgin Language.
  • It is a language Nigerians in general regard with affection and approval.
  • It is a language you frequently encounter people of various mother tongues speaking even in remote areas of the country.
  • Its popularity extends to literate and non-literate Nigerians, primary school children, secondary school students, and students in our universities and other institutions of higher learning.
  • It is popular among millions of workers in the public government and private sectors of our economy.
  • It is popular in our markets, motor parks, stadia (during football matches and other sporting events), and other social gatherings where Nigerians from various tribes come together.
  • Nigerian major tribal languages (Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo), are not even as popular and widely accepted as Nigerian Pidgin. It is therefore not surprising that “Wazobia”, a very popular Nigerian Pidgin radio broadcasting company has radio stations in Kano (Northern zone), Lagos and Port (Southern zone) and Abuja, the capital of Nigeria.
  • It is a language used for communication among Nigerians of different mother tongues, it is therefore the country’s Lingua Franca.

Consider what I have said above.

Also consider the fact that a minimum of fifty percent of Nigeria’s population of about 180 million are Christians.

Don’t you think it is important that the Holy Bible should be translated into such an important language as Nigerian Pidgin?

Surely the language needs a Bible translation.


What Is Nigerian Pidgin Language Bible (NPLB)?

Nigerian Pidgin Language Bible (NPLB) is a translation of the Holy Bible into Nigerian Pidgin Language (NPL), which some people erroneously call Nigerian Pidgin English.

Why God Wants The Holy Bible Translated Into Nigerian Pidgin Language?

God wants people all over the world, to hear/read His Word (the Bible) in a language they can easily understand.

One of such languages is Nigerian Pidgin Language (NPL).

God is using NPL to bring His Word in a language and level which ordinary Nigerians can understand clearly.

He wants to speak to the hearts of Nigerian Pidgin Language (NPL) speakers and not to their heads.

He wants to speak to them in their heart language.

It is the language they use to relate with each other on a daily basis. The language they use as they go about various activities and aspects of their lives.  

Millions of Nigerians understand and speak NPL very well.

As I earlier said, it is the most popular Nigerian language. So God saw it necessary to have us (Mercy Christian Ministry) translate the Bible into the language.

When you read the Nigerian Pidgin Language Bible you will have a much clearer understanding of many passages that you had problems understanding before. 

Here are some important things you will find on this website, and others we will include as we continue to develop the site:

• Updates about the Nigerian Pidgin Language Bible Translation Project

• Nigerian Pidgin Language Alphabet and Standardized Orthography

• A forum where you can share your thoughts and comments about Nigerian Pidgin Language Bible and Nigerian Pidgin Language.

• Many other things the Lord would instruct us to do concerning the Nigerian Pidgin Language translation project.

At the left column of every page of this website, you will see links to other pages of the site.

Click on any of the links to see and read the contents of the page.

May the Lord use this website to bless you and make you a blessing to others.

So, share the website address of this site, the information and free resources you find here.

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