Learn To Read Nigerian Pidgin Language Primer

What is Nigerian Pidgin Language Primer?

Nigerian Pidgin Language Primer (NPLP) is an educational primer which our ministry - Mercy Christian Ministry International (MCMI) primarily uses to teach non-literate adult speakers of Nigerian Pidgin Language how to read and write in the language.

The primer is also useful to literates who want to fluently read materials written in Nigerian Pidgin Language (NPL) and write the language correctly, using the NPL standardized orthography.

The Purpose of Nigerian Pidgin Language Primer (NPLP)

As we said earlier, MCMI primarily uses NPLP to teach non-literate adult speakers of Nigerian Pidgin how to read and write in the language.

We do this by using NPL standardized orthography, which is the standardized way of writing and spelling NPL words. (Click here to study NPL alphabet and how to write NPL words).

MCMI’s goal is that, after these adults learn how to read and write in Nigerian Pidgin, they would be able to read the upcoming Nigerian Pidgin Bible which MCMI has translated and will soon publish.

They will also be able to read other Nigerian Pidgin (NP) literature which MCMI and others will publish.

The Development of Nigerian Pidgin Language Primer (NPLP)

In 1989, the Lord told Apostle Roy Okonkwo - the president of Mercy Christian Ministry International (MCMI) - to start the translation of the Holy Bible into Nigerian Pidgin Language.

He completed the first draft of the translation from Genesis to Revelation. The New Testament part of the translation has been reviewed several times and ready for publication.

The progress made in the translation work made it necessary for MCMI to produce a Nigerian Pidgin Primer. This Primer would help non-literate adult pidgin speakers and other people learn how to read and write in NPL.

Construction of The Nigerian Pidgin Primer

In 2007, Mercy Christian Ministry International (MCMI) contacted Literacy & Evangelism International (LEI) concerning the construction of the Nigerian Pidgin Language Primer (NPLP).

Who are Literacy & Evangelism International (LEI)?

LEI is a missionary fellowship with its headquarters in Tulsa Oklahoma, USA.

The organization helps in the construction of primers in various languages.

The primers are used in teaching non-literate adults how to read and write in the languages so that speakers of the languages would be able to read God’s Word in those languages.

MCMi, together with LEI, constructed the Nigeria Pidgin Language (NPL) Primer in November 2007 at Arochuku, Abia State, Nigeria.

The NPL primer has been published and MCMI will, first of all, use it to train tutors. The tutors will train non-literate adults on how to read and write in Nigeria Pidgin.

MCMI will carry out Tutor Training Workshops for this purpose in various parts of Nigeria.

The ministry will also do so in other parts of the world where there are needs to teach people how to read and write in the language.

The ministry will furthermore teach various groups how to read and write in Nigerian pidgin.

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