Translating the Bible - Our Journey with God

Translating the Bible - Our Journey with God is a 3 part bilingual book. It is the first book  written in the standardized orthography of Nigerian Pidgin.

Part 1 of the book is penned in English. Part 2 is the translation of Part 1 into Nigerian Pidgin. Part 3 are all twenty eight chapters of the book of Matthew translated into Nigerian Pidgin.

This book is the memoir of Apostle Roy Okonkwo's journey in the process of translating the whole Bible into Nigerian Pidgin.

It tells how the translation work has progressed through the years and the many obstacles and challenges he faced on this journey.

It recounts many things God has done through the authors.

The stories demonstrate forgiveness, God's patience, miracles, provision and answered prayers.

The book also explains what God is currently doing for His people through the ministry and the call He has given the authors.

Each chapter of the books ends with three lessons the authors learned through their experiences in their journey with God.

Relevant Bible verses are listed for each lesson learned that are useful for the reader to study.

One chapter of the book is devoted to learning how to read and write Nigerian Pidgin.

The authors' goal is that the book would assist Nigerian Pidgin speakers to be able to read and understand God's word in their heart language.

They also desire that both non speakers of the language would learn how to speak and read write in Nigerian Pidgin.

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